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When the Here and Now sucks.

Artists, authors, and those who create live life open so we can get inspiration and ideas to let our imagination fly. That road is often a tricky one; the path is rarely flat. It is one that travels in a constant state of ups and downs, with added treacherous potholes and deadly cliffs along the way. We regularly shake our fists to it for its undulating nature, but if it were flat, I'm confident we would despise it and frantically search for an off-ramp because of its predictability.

I believe that the more profound the downs, the higher the highs. And I think that if the road were smoother, our creations would reflect that and would have scant depth. It's this desire to learn how to live with the turbulence that sends me searching for guidance, perspectives that can help me navigate this life I have chosen and love.

Viewing the dangers that lurk so close has pushed me to fortify my courage with profound truths; to take my brain from the scary and send its focus on the ethereal. Living in the Here and Now-the present is one of those tools I try to use. Understanding that when you feel fear, it is the evidence that you, at that moment, are not living in the present, you are living in the future- the future of what if's. If you are living in the moment, you would realize that most likely you are not in any real danger, you are safe and do not have to allow fear to reign. It's your unbridled thoughts that are causing the discomfort.

The most difficult position to achieve is this bigger picture vision, especially when the here and now sucks. If thunderstorms scare you, it is hard to shut out the darting thoughts of the effects of a lightning strike on the body and instead remind yourself that the rain will bring nourishment to the flowers and make the world around you more beautiful. Just ask my dog.

Lucky for me, there is no limit to the number of times I can jump from fear to the present, the now. That is an infinite trip allowance. So I will continue on my path, trying to see grandeur around me instead of the ugly of future negative possibilities. Some of my best work is created in times of the scary. Below is a picture of one of those pieces.

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